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Here's what we get asked about the most regarding taxes and Snapfile. There's a chance we've already answered your questions below. But if we haven't and you'd like to speak with someone directly, please contact our customer support here.

SnapFile Tax Checklist
Do I have to file a tax return?

You must file a return for 2015 if any of the following situations apply:

  • You have to pay tax for 2015.
  • The CRA has sent you a request to file a return.
  • You and your spouse or common-law partner elected to split pension income for 2015.
  • You received working income tax benefit (WITB) advance payments in 2015.
  • You have to repay all or part of your old age security or employment insurance benefits.
  • You have not repaid all amounts withdrawn from your registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) under the Home Buyers' Plan or the Lifelong Learning Plan.
  • You have to contribute to the Canada Pension Plan (CPP). This can apply if for 2015 the total of your net self-employment income and pensionable employment income is more than $3,500.
  • You are paying employment insurance premiums on self-employment and other eligible earnings.


Even if none of these requirements apply, you can file a return if any of the following situations apply:

  • You want to claim a refund.
  • You want to claim the WITB for 2015.
  • You want the GST/HST credit (including any related provincial credits). For example, you may be eligible if you turn 19 before April 2017.
  • You or your spouse or common-law partner want to begin or continue receiving Canada child tax benefit payments, including related provincial or territorial benefit payments.
  • You or your spouse or common‑law partner want to claim the family tax cut.
  • You want to carry forward or transfer the unused part of your tuition, education, and textbook amounts.
  • You want to report income for which you could contribute to an RRSP and/or a pooled registered pension plan (PRPP) to keep your RRSP/PRPP deduction limit for future years current.
Do I need to apply for a GST/HST credit?

No, the CRA will automatically assess your eligibility for these credits once you submit your tax return.

What is the deadline for RRSP contributions for the 2015 Tax Year?

March 2, 2016.

What happens if I have misplaced my slips or Notice of Assessment (NOA)?

You must ask your employer for your slips, most will be issued by the end of February for the Tax Year. The CRA sends you a copy of your NOA, or can be retrieved through 'My Service Canada Account'. It is still of upmost importance to file your tax return on time, even if you have not received all of your information. You can also login to your 'My Service Canada Account' here: or you can sign up for the service here: The CRA can be contacted at 1-800-959-8281 to report any information you have received after submission.

How do I sign up/login for CRA's My Service Canada Account?
Where can I find my slips for Old Age Security (OAS), Employment Insurance (EI), and Canada Pension Plan (CPP)?

These slips can be found online through the Service Canada website, you may be asked to set up an account if you haven’t already.

Where can I find prior year slips?

These slips can be found online through the Service Canada website, you may be asked to set up an account if you haven't already.

How long do I need to keep my income tax records for?

You must keep your income tax records for six years in case the CRA selects your information for review.

Do you end up having to pay income tax when you file your tax return every year?

You may be able to reduce you net tax owing by increasing the amount of income tax withheld by your employer at the time of remuneration. This issue can be taken up with your employer or payroll manager. If you get a new job, you can fill out form TD1 — Personal Tax Credits Return, to increase the amount of income tax withheld.

What should I do if my personal information (address, name etc) has changed?

Contact the CRA as soon as possible at 1-800-959-8281, or by accessing the Service Canada website.

What happens if I cannot afford to pay my taxes owing to the CRA?

Contact the CRA as soon as possible at 1-800-959-8281 to see if you qualify for one of their arrangements.


A T1 Adjustment Request can be filed through the CRA Adjustment Request link in our Resources Section below. This may increase the time it takes to receive your refund.​ebec.

In which provinces in Canada do you operate?

We currently serve all provinces throughout Canada excluding Quebec.

What if you have a balance owing?

There are a number of ways to make payments to the CRA, including paying online. For more information, go to Make a payment.